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We've been wanting to have a page of our own for awhile now! There are so many cool links on the Web that we thought it might be a neat idea to include them in our very own WebPage so we can share them with our friends!

We have included a variety of sites from personsal homepages to sites on animal rights, animal shelters, to non-profit organizations, to pet products!

Let us know if you have any sites that others should know about and you would like added to our page.


Many Cats Need Good Homes!

Adopt One From Your Local Animal Shelter Today!

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American Society for Welfare of Cats

The American Society for Welfare of Cats, ASWC, is a NO-KILL animal shelter that rescues abandoned and feral cats. We are a humane society that has taken in and saved over 1400 cats. Our adoptions to good homes have exceeded 1200.

Our cats have come from NJ, PA, NY, MD, and Delaware. It has always been our goal to help cats in any way that we can. We haved helped other organizations in their work with stray cats.

At present we are caring for our many permanent residents, cats that for one reason or another never got adopted, so we have adopted them ourselves. They are extremely happy and live a good life with lots of friends. They are talked to, petted, and handled everyday, and they know how they are loved. Each of our cats has been neutered or spayed and get regular veterinary care and annual vaccinations.

At the present time, we are no longer accepting or taking in new cats. Our financial condition no longer allows new expenses. We have spent over $250,000 of our own money on the cats and we must hold off on other borders.

We have never put a healthy cat to sleep and we never will. We see live happy animals as proof that we are doing the best for cats. We receive zero financial assistance from anyone except our friends throughout the country that love cats and believe the same as we. Any donations recieved will go towards the cats 100%. We have no paid employees and no expense accounts. All money received is spent only on cats. Our expenses for food, litter, and medical expenses (especially for the older cats) is quite high.

Your donation is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!!

Please send whatever you can to help!!!


Alley Cat Allies

Modeled after successful programs in the United Kingdom and parts of Africa and Europe, Alley Cat Allies (ACA) advocates a trap-neuter-return program that stabilizes populations, reduces birth rates and improves the overall health of the colony.


The Alley Cat Friends

Cleveland Amory Tribute

Other Tributes to Cleveland Amory

Animal News - site with up-to-date information on animal welfare/issues Homepage - stop by and check out the pet books online!


Personalogic Cat Decision-Maker

Kitten Rescue - read all about this Californian-based kitten rescue organization.


Visit my animal rights/welfare page

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Read this, and weep:


A Cat's Prayer

A Cat's Prayer

I ask for the privilege of not being born ... not to be born until you can assure me of a home and a master to protect me, and the right to live as long as I am physically able to enjoy life ... not to be born until my body is precious and men have ceased to exploit it because it is cheap and plentiful.

~ Author Unknown





Join my chat room, Cat Chat Cafe, for discussions on on anything and everything to do with cats, felines, cat care, animal rights, shelters, etc. Just click on the link above and you will be taken to my chat page. Type in your login name and hit join, (no need for a password) and you'll be taken to my personal chat room. See you there!


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